Senior High School

Welcome to our Senior High School Page

Message from our SHS Principal

Mr. Baba Ayine

A hearty welcome to our Senior High School in Ghana.  With our ever growing school going young adults, choosing the right school is very key and Datus Senior High prides herself as one of the best with Ultra Modern Boarding and Day Facilities in the heart of Tema, a sub-region in Ghana.  Our students are resilient and very creative.  Our high record numbers of admissions into the tertiary institutions in Ghana and all over the world has allowed us to continue to excel.  Education in Datus allows our children to graduate successfully and propels them to achieve more.  We are here to assist you.  Please take time to browse through our pages and apply immediately.


Me. Baba Ayine.

Course Offerings

A comprehensive Science Program for a future in Medicine, Engineering and Life Sciences

Our comprehensive science program covers Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Geography which offers a great foundation to those aspiring careers in Medicine, Engineering, & Life Science.

Our Business subjects provide a solid introduction into the world of business and finance.

Our Business curriculum covers Mathematics, Costing, Accounting, Economics and Business Management which provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of Finance & Business related tertiary courses.

A diverse range of General Arts subjects provide a future of unlimited possibilities in the Humanities

Our diverse range of General Arts subjects include Mathematics, Geography, Literature in English, History, Economics, Government, Christian Religious Studies.  With these options, our students have unlimited possibilities for tertiary courses.

Our Home Economics subjects are the perfect recipe for success.

Our Home Economics subjects cover General Knowledge in Arts, Food & Nutrition, Management in Living and Biology, ensuring that we have the right balance of theory and practicals to equip our students for the future.

A creative blend of Visual Arts subjects acts as the building blocks for careers in Design, Fine Art & Entertainment

Our Visual Arts curriculum covers General Knowledge in the Arts, Graphic Design, Ceramics and Economics, Film and Pottery, which provides the perfect blend of subjects to offer a strong foundation in both the creative and business aspects of the Arts.

Sports at Datus is a fun an exciting one.  See us in pictures.

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