Datus International Schools promotes purposeful integration of technology into the classroom and the learning environment. With an emphasis on digital stewardship, the school utilizes instructional technology so that students may achieve challenging objectives while creatively building teacher-student relationship. Instructional technology initiatives and decisions are carefully evaluated by the administration with input from veteran faculty.

Students in seventh through twelfth grades participate in the Bring Your Own Laptop program. The program aims to enhance student learning while cultivating digital literacy and provide a safe environment for student use of technology.

While primary grades utilize tools such as Smart Boards, iPads, LCD projectors, etc. – to enhance particular segments of learning – the children in this age group are primarily encouraged to develop habits of reading books, working creatively on projects, and engaging their peers in games or recreation. Teachers in the third through sixth grades have access to both a mobile computer lab of chrome books and a fully equipped computer lab. Throughout the school, teachers use interactive whiteboards (SmartBoards and Promethean) for in-class instruction. The library also incorporates appropriate technology for research and student use. Datus has adopted Schoology as its learning management system to allow both students and parents access to course resources and to provide communication between students, faculty, and parents in a safe online environment. In addition, the parent portal portion of the website facilitates communication of information from the school to families and provides online parent resources.

Young students are introduced formally to technology through a computer class in the third and fourth grades. During fifth and sixth grades, technology is incorporated into classroom learning through use of the mobile chrome book cart as well as more directly through a sixth grade computer rotation course. Seventh through twelfth grades participate in the BYOL program with integration of technology throughout the curriculum. Upper School course offerings include computer science, AP computer science, theater tech, and graphic design. A robotics club meets on Wednesday mornings, and multiple robotics camps are offered through the summer program.

Teachers are provided with multiple opportunities for training and professional development in the latest instructional technologies.

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