Senior High School – G.E.S

Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Bienvenido! 欢迎

Baba Ayine, Head of School.
Datus Senior High

Happy New Year!! You are warmly welcome to the Senior High School of Datus.
The Senior High School is an ever-evolving and improving force at Datus International School. The quality of teaching and learning that takes place is designed to position our students competently and confidently for the 21st century. Technology permeates many aspects. Our mandate of excellence in all areas compels us to continue to seek ways to improve our existing practices.

The Senior School prides itself in the diversity of its students as well as its teaching body.  Under the umbrella of our School motto ‘Understanding of Each other’ students are taught to respect and take pride in diversity.

Our caring and nurturing environment ensures that all our junior school students have the best possible opportunities to develop not only academically but socially and emotionally.

Our Curricular programme is booming with a range of meaningful activities to choose from. Our students are engaged and exposed to a variety of skills that many continue to develop beyond their time in the Senior School.

The Senior School is a place of wonder, caring and learning. Come and partner with us.


Mr. Baba Ayine


Datus School Graduation requirements before presentation to Cambridge International Examinations/ West African Senior School Certificate of Examinations. Students must successfully earn a minimum of 23 credits to graduate to participate in the above examinations.

Course Credits:

Language Arts – 5 Credits (Including English Language and Literature)

Math – 5 Credits (Including Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II)

Science – 5 Credits (including Biology, Physical Science or Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Earth Science or an AP Science)

Electives-7 Credits (Including a 3 career/Technology, World Language, and or Fine Arts)

Personal Fitness – 0.5 Credit

Health – 0.5 Credit

Course Offerings

A comprehensive Science Program for a future in Medicine, Engineering and Life Sciences.

Our comprehensive science program covering Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, offers a great foundation for those aspiring careers in Medicine, Engineering & Life Sciences.

Our Business subjects provide a solid introduction to the world of business and finance.

Our Business curriculum covers Mathematics, Costing, Accounting, Economics and Business Management, which provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of Finance & Business related tertiary courses.

A diverse range of General Arts subjects include Mathematics, Geography, Literature in English, History, Economics, Government, Christian Religious Studies.  With such options, our students have unlimited resources and possibilities for tertiary course offerings.

Our Home Economics subjects cover General Knowledge in Arts, Food & Nutrition, Management in Living and Biology, which ensures that our students have the right blend and balance of theory and practicals to equip them for the future.

A creative blend of the Visual Arts subjects acts as the building blocks for careers in Design, Fine Arts and Entertainment.

Our Visual Arts curriculum covers General Knowledge in the Arts, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Film Making, and Economics.  These subject areas provide the right blend to offer a strong foundation in both the creative and business aspects of the Visual Arts Studies.

Sports at Datus is an exciting one.  From Soccer, to Badminton, to Tennis and basketball, our students enjoy these fun activities.