College Counseling

Welcome to the Datus College Counseling Office.  The Datus International College Counseling office has developed a comprehensive and highly-individualized program centered on the core belief that God has gifted each student with certain interests, talents, and passions, and that He has a unique plan and purpose for his or her life. As counselors and advisors, we come alongside our students to help them navigate all aspects of the college search process, with the ultimate goal of helping each student find a college or university where he or she will flourish.

The College Counseling program begins in the freshman year, with developmentally-appropriate guidance progressing through the senior year. Highlights of the program include:

  • Academic coaching for rising 9th- 12th grade students
  • Seminars for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Extensive Common Application seminar for seniors
  • Signature College and Career Coaching program for juniors
  • Parent information sessions in every grade level
  • Financial aid/scholarship night for parents
  • Over 70 colleges and universities visit campus each year
  • College road trip offerings for rising juniors and seniors
  • Career Roundtables
  • Annual alumni advisory panel with seniors
  • Informal coffee chats for parents
  • College essay writing course offered each summer

Please visit our office on campus.

See Admissions Coach for College Counseling Program Roadmap

To encourage intellectual diversity, risk taking, curiosity, creativity, independence of thought and effective learning habits within a supportive, innovation and ambitious learning environment. We instill good discipline and a lifelong love for learning.

A hallmark of the Upper School experience is our signature College and Career Coaching program, Vocare, an extensive process through which juniors actively assess, explore, and evaluate their unique areas of giftedness prior to navigating the senior year college application process.

A dedicated counselor guides small groups of students through a comprehensive and highly-personalized 10-week program, during which students take personality and aptitude assessments, define areas of interest, identify personal values, and establish meaningful goals.At the end of the process, students have the opportunity to connect their results to real-life careers by meeting in small groups with a diverse group of community professionals during a month-long series of roundtables.

College Representatives are available via phone and email

The entire program prepares and empowers students to seek college and career-related opportunities that are satisfying, fulfilling, and consistent with God’s calling for their lives.

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