Academic Enrichment Center

The goal of the AEC is to help any student succeed academically and holistically while at Datus and beyond.

The AEC will provide a variety of services and support to help students, including:

  • Academic skills such as preparing for tests, note taking, and time management
  • Support services/accommodations to help students with any disability or chronic illness need
  • Course-specific tutoring through our peer tutor program
  • Transitional support and orientation to college through First-Year Experience

The AEC faculty and staff are trained professionals who care deeply about students and helping them develop holistically into life-long learners.

Students moving into the Upper School at Datus International School receive purposeful guidance in the form of academic coaching.

The goal: to have students’ college and career goals formulate the course selection process. This targeted approach to building a course of study allows for more strategic support of student learning. It is part of an ongoing commitment to “bolster families” by providing an individualized academic track that fits each student personally.

All rising eighth through twelfth grade students and their parents meet in the spring semester with a member of the Upper School administrative team to discuss academic planning and subsequent course requests. During the coaching session, the student’s college goals will be discussed within the context of current and past performance as well as teacher recommendations. Together, the group will produce a list of classes that support each student’s aptitudes, areas of interest, and college/career path.

This formal academic coaching approach succeeds by consistent involvement of the faculty. Teachers endeavor to bring out the best in each student while encouraging the pursuit of areas of giftedness and strength. Teacher recommendations become an important part of the course planning process. The commitment of the faculty at Datus to mentor and guide results in a strong student-teacher relationship and contributes to strategic course planning and college preparedness.


Datus School Graduation requirements before presentation to Cambridge International Examinations/ West African Senior School Certificate of Examinations

Students must successfully earn a minimum of 23 credits to graduate to participate in the above examinations.

Course Credits:

Language Arts – 5 Credits (Including English Language and Literature)

Math – 5 Credits (Including Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II)

Science – 5 Credits (including Biology, Physical Science or Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Earth Science or an AP Science)

Electives-7 Credits (Including a 3 career/Technology, World Language, and or Fine Arts)

Personal Fitness – 0.5 Credit

Health – 0.5 Credit

At Datus, preparing for the SAT/TOEFL comes with dedication and the ability to maintain discipline with school hours.

Preparing for the SAT and ACT is designed to help  prepare our students for college admissions tests.  The hours of operations are from 2:40pm – 4:40pm every Monday to Thursday.  Our Students engage in various school work to successfully help  them in understanding how to answer questions on their test.

There is an online test preparation and a paper test.

For more information on SAT/ACT exam schedules, please visit

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